Saturday, January 15, 2011

Opinion: There Really Is Chemistry Between Us

Tears collection and sniff test
Tears collection and sniff test

A fascinating new study just published in Science magazine reveals that a chemical in women's tears decreases men's sexual arousal. Tears, it turns out, are a type of "chemo-signal."

The study is interesting in and of itself, but also raises questions about the way we increasingly interact with one another.

Here's what the researchers did in Phase 1: They collected the tears shed by 12 women as the participants watched the sappy movie "The Champ." They also dripped saltwater on the women's faces and collected those drops of saltwater.

In Phase 2, 100 male volunteers looked at photos of attractive women and watched three types of films: sad, neutral or erotic. During this time, the men had a cotton pad placed under their nose; the pad contained either drops of tears or saltwater collected during Phase 1. (The men couldn't tell which was which because the tears didn't smell different than the saltwater.)

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