Thursday, May 26, 2011

De-Stress In 6 Seconds With 6 Simple Steps

Most of us are juggling multiple balls throughout the day: work, home, family, relationships. We are "on the go" even when we're sitting down -- dealing with crises, or getting ready for the next thing we have to do. Unless we love what we're doing, these daily challenges can create wear and tear on our bodies, our emotions and our minds. Over the course of the day, the net result is a stress level that keeps on increasing.

Here is a six-step, six-second relaxation technique that can temporarily bring your stress level down; if you use the technique throughout the day, it can help lower your baseline stress level. Steps 2 through 5 each can induce relaxation on their own; together they do so more effectively. Read through each of the steps before you give this exercise a try; some steps may require practice. Some people find that their sense of relaxation is enhanced by closing their eyes when using the technique. Once you've mastered the steps, try them both ways to see whether having your eyes open or closed works better for you.

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